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Creating Effective Citizens.
Exploring the Issues.
Applying What You've Learned.

Exploring the Issues

Notes: As you reflect on these questions, write down your responses or discuss them as a group.  

Providing Contexts and Processes

Ms. McFarland.

"As you move into the middle school, not only do students begin to pick up historical perspectives on citizenship, but they also gain cultural perspectives on citizenship and relate citizenship to various forms of government across the world."
-- Mary A. McFarland, Social Studies Educator and Consultant

Wrestling with the Issue

  • How might the level of student knowledge, skills, and democratic values change from the primary grades up through high school? What are the most important concepts and biggest challenges at each level? What concepts do you defer to social studies learning in other grades? Why?
  • How do you ensure that students make the connection between classroom democracy and active participation in local and national government?
  • What does active citizenship for students entail? What are your criteria for deciding when students should be involved in local or national issues?

Examining Citizenship and Democracy

"Part of my objective was not only to define democracy, but to show how complex it is and how difficult it is to sustain. I want students to understand that it is the responsibility of all citizens to maintain that democracy."
-- Wendell Brooks, Ninth-Grade World History Teacher, Berkeley, California

Mr. Brooks.

Wrestling with the Issue

  • How do you convey the unique characteristics of American democracy? How do you show that government is a system that needs care and maintenance?
  • What kinds of activities help students examine and practice the roles of citizens in a democracy?
  • How do you ensure that students understand their roles as global citizens when the focus is often national democracy?

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