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Print Resources
For Students

Kuska, George, and Barbara Linse. Live Again Our Missions Past: California Missions through Children's Eyes. Larkspur, Calif.: Arts Publications, 2000.

Nelson, Libby. Projects and Layouts: California Missions. Minneapolis, Minn.: Lerner Publications Company, 1999.

Van Steenwyk, Elizabeth. The California Missions. First Books: Examining the Past. New York: Franklin Watts, Inc. 1998.

Young, Stanley. The Missions of California. San Francisco, Calif.: Chronicle Books, 1998.

For Teachers

Anderson, Dale. The California Missions. Landmark Events in American History. Cleveland, Ohio: World Almanac Education, 2002.

Ovando, Carlos J., and Virginia P. Collier. Bilingual and ESL Classrooms: Teaching in Multicultural Contexts. 2d ed. Columbus, Ohio: WCB/McGraw-Hill, 1997.

Related Web Sites
For Students

California Mission Internet Trail
Constructed by students, this site provides information about many different missions in California.

California Missions Interactive
On this site, students can take an Internet "field trip" by following the route of two mission historians bicycling along the coast of California.

The California Missions Online Project
Using brief historical overviews and vivid photographs, the California Missions Online Project is an educational resource for all ages.

For Teachers

California Mission Studies Association
The CMSA features annotated links, articles, book reviews, and an illustrated glossary of California Missions and early American culture.

California Missions
The California Missions site offers comprehensive descriptions and historical background on each mission in the state of California.

Video Resource.
For Students

Inside the California Missions. 60 minutes. Cultural Videos, 1995. Videocassette.


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