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Connecting to Your Teaching
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Connecting to Your Teaching

Image of a notebook with the following text displayed: Reflect: As you reflect on these questions, jot down your responses or discuss them in a group.

Reflecting on Your Practice

  • What are some examples you teach of the roles, rights, and responsibilities of citizens? How do you segue from concept to process to action?
  • What hands-on experiences do you find most valuable in helping your students learn, remember, and apply abstract concepts in social studies like individual versus state rights?
  • What are some other ways you would have students apply social studies concepts beyond the classroom?

Taking It Back to Your Classroom

  • Create a visual that illustrates how a bill becomes a law. Ask pairs or groups of students to think of a metaphor and design their own visual to share with the class or to present to a younger group of students.
  • Ask students to help develop the criteria for a persuasive letter. Then have students write a letter to their representative proposing an idea for a bill and stating the reasons why such a bill is important.
  • Over a period of several weeks, collect print or online articles having to do with the branches of government. Divide students into groups and give each group several articles to categorize according to branch. Then have each group explain how they categorized the articles. From their explanations, students will learn how government works and also become informed about current issues.

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