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Connecting to Your Teaching
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Connecting to Your Teaching

Image of a notebook with the following text displayed: Reflect: As you reflect on these questions, jot down your responses or discuss them in a group.

Reflecting on Your Practice

  • How do you help students see the relationship between current issues in social studies and their rights and responsibilities as citizens?
  • How do you encourage students to conduct research about current issues and plan and implement community service projects?
  • What are the benefits of participating in such projects? What are some pitfalls?
  • What are some important considerations when teaching students about the needs of people in other countries?

Taking It Back to Your Classroom

  • Identify a controversial issue in your curriculum or a problem in your community that students could participate in solving. Ask students to research and discuss the issue, consider the issue from different points of view, and then plan a course of action. Ask students to think of criteria they can use to evaluate their success at each phase.
  • One way to help students understand an issue is to ask them to write a news article about it. After students have written their articles, have them explore an Internet site that posts student news.
  • Ask students to nominate people from the community or people they have read about in the news for a "People Who Make a Difference" bulletin board.

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