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Engaging With Literature: A Video Library, Grades 3-5
Engaging With Literature

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1. Signposts

2. Voices in the Conversation

3. Starting Out
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4. Responding
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6. Building Community

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8. Finding
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3. Starting Out

Featured Texts

Baseball, Snakes, and Summer Squash by Donald H. Graves

The poems in this book describe the follies and joys of growing up. Focused on specific events in childhood-teasing a younger brother, giggling in church, hating squash-these poems are particularly appealing to boys and very usable in the classroom.

We have provided the text for a poem from this book called "Last Touch."
The text is copyright 1996 by Donald Graves from Baseball, Snakes, and Summer Squash: Poems About Growing Up. Published by Wordsong, Boyds Mill Press, Inc. Reprinted by permission.

Hey You! C'Mere: A Poetry Slam by Elizabeth Swados

Everybody can be a poet! To prove it, seven young poets set out on a summer day and use ordinary situations as material for improvised poems. The slangy words and upbeat visuals suggest that poetry is something fun that happens when friends get together to play with language.

For a list of other poetry titles with poems that appeal to young readers, see "Text Pairings" in Teacher Tools and Additional Resources.


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