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  School: Hand Middle School
  Location: Columbia, SC
  Grade: 6
  Disciplines: Theatre
Language Arts
  Description: Students create puppet theatre based on a study of Greek mythology.



Additional Resources

Selected Unit Materials

Puppetry Rubric: A rubric for assessing puppet production (PDF)

Print Resources

Barclay, Greta. Mighty Myth: A Modern Interpretation of Greek Myths for the Classroom. Torrance, Calif: Good Apple, 1982. ISBN: 0866530649

D'Aulaire, Ingri, & D’Aulaire, Edgar Parin. D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths. New York: Doubleday,1962. ISBN: 0385015836

Fitzsimmons, Robin, & Verniero, Joan C. One-Hundred-and-One Read-Aloud Myths and Legends. New York: Black Dog & Leventhal, 1999. ISBN: 1579120571

Graves, Robert. Greek Gods and Heroes, (reissue edition). New York: Laurel Leaf, 1965. ISBN: 0440932211

Graves, Robert. The Greek Myths. New York: Penguin USA, 1993. ISBN: 0140171991

Hamilton, Edith. Mythology. Boston: Back Bay Books, 1998. ISBN: 0316341517

MacRone, Michael. By Jove!: Brush Up Your Mythology. New York: Harpercollins, 1992. ISBN: 0062700235

Rosenberg, Donna. Mythology and You: Classical Mythology and Its Relevance in Today’s World. Lincolnwood, Ill.: NTC/Contemporary Publishing Company, 2001. ISBN: 0844255610

Williams, Marcia. Greek Myths. Cambridge, Mass.: Candlewick Press, 1995. ISBN: 1564024407

Taymor, Julie, & Blumenthal, Eileen. Playing With Fire: Theater, Opera, Film. New York: H.N. Abrams, 1999. ISBN: 0810935171

Latrobe, Kathy Howard, & Knight Laughlin, Mildred. Readers Theatre for Young Adults: Scripts and Script Development. Englewood, Colo.: Teacher Ideas Press, 1990. ISBN: 0872877434

Video Resource

Tamao Yoshida, Tamao (Puppeteer), & Takemoto, Sumitayu. (Chanter). Bunraku: Masters of Japanese Puppet Theater [Motion Picture]. Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities and Sciences. ISBN: 0736545328

Web Sites

Myth Mania
A site containing information on Greek mythology for school projects, homework help, and well-told humorous myths

The Puppetry Home Page
This is an extensive puppetry site, which includes many puppet-making resources and supplies

What You Need To Know About: Top 10 Puppet Making Books
Create everything from shadow puppets to fancy marionettes

Make a Rod Puppet

Teaching Is a Work of Heart – 2001: Reader’s Theater Scripts and Plays
A teacher-created site with plays and scripts to print and read

Gander Academy: Readers Theatre
An extensive site with tips, scripts, techniques and resources

Films for the Humanities and Sciences @ films.com
An extensive resource for educational media

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