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Before Watching

Teaching a class and creating a work of art require different sets of skills, yet collaborations between teachers and artists can be highly successful. As you watch this program, consider these questions:

  • What have the teachers and the artists learned from each other?
  • How is this learning accomplished?
  • What information do the teachers and artists share?
  • How and how often do they share information?

The students in this program clearly enjoy their interactions with the artists. Consider these questions:

  • In what specific ways do these artists enrich the children’s learning experiences?
  • How do the children show what they have gained by working with the artists?

In this program, artists and teachers are all involved in the curriculum-planning process. Consider these questions:

  • In what specific ways have the artists shaped the curriculum and its implementation?
  • How effective would the unit be if the artists were not involved in planning?

In this program, the visiting artists are associated with two organizations, Lotus Music & Dance and the Teachers & Writers Collaborative:

  • What benefits are gained by collaborating with organizations rather than with individual artists?

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