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Before Watching

Look for ways the teachers in this program use both improvisational and text-based techniques to develop creative-thinking skills:

  • How can teachers use improvisation to promote creative writing?
  • How can they use text to encourage creative thinking?
  • What are the benefits of each approach?
  • What would be the product of each approach?

Amanda Newberry and George E. Jackson, III, incorporate movement into many of their theatre exercises. Consider these questions:

  • How does movement enhance their students’ learning?
  • How might movement-based techniques be used to engage students in reading, math, and other academic subjects?

Theatre does not require a stage — in fact, performances in tents, at churches, and on the street are long-standing theatre traditions. Pay attention to the settings used by the teachers in this program:

  • How could you incorporate theatre activities in your classroom?

Watch the Program

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