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Before Watching

This program explores management practices in three elementary schools that replaced their traditional curriculums with a schoolwide emphasis on the arts.

As you watch this program, consider these questions:

  • What steps would school administrators take to begin the transformation to arts-based teaching and learning?
  • What challenges would an administrator expect to encounter in converting to an arts-based school?
  • What challenges were encountered by each of the administrators in this program?
  • How did the administrators address these challenges?
  • What new skills would an administrator need to manage a successful transition from a traditional to an arts-based curriculum?

Consider the similarities and differences in the approaches used by schools in this program — teaching arts subjects as core subject areas and integrating the arts with other subject areas:

  • Can you find examples of how each approach is used by the schools?
  • Can both approaches be used in the same curriculum? Look for examples of where this happens.

Administrators in this program credit the arts for helping students reach academic standards and other goals. Look for examples of benefits cited by the administrators. Consider what benefits arts-based learning could bring to your school.

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