Update: January 8, 2015
By Mary Hosier
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After You Plant:
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Get ready to track the greening of spring! Gather your observations, questions, data, and garden profiles all together in a journal.

Mr. Hebner's Class
Lyceum #1557  Zelenograd, Russia, Fall 2014
News: 437 and Counting

Got yours planted? There have been 437 tulip Test Gardens planted. Watch for more to appear on the map in January when gardeners in warm regions plant their cold-treated bulbs.

"We've just planted our Red Emperor tulips because we live in a warmer zone."
01/06/15   Daphne Elementary School, Alabama

bulb for planting
M. Markham
Journal: Local and Global Studies

Explore journal handouts to document local seasonal changes and explore global climate variables that influence plant growth.

Science Notebooking
Explore: Climate Variables

Temperature controls tulip growth. Explore how temperature is influenced by latitude, elevation, proximity to the ocean, and global wind patterns across the Northern Hemisphere.


Science Notebooking
Map and Journal Activity

Once you've completed your own garden profile, compare the climate variables of your site with another in this week's journal handout.

Journey North Climate Garden Map: North America
map | sightings

Profile Russia
Journal Handout

Journey North Climate Garden Map: North America
map | sightings
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