Test Garden News: February 20, 2014
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What causes tulips to emerge? Subtle seasonal change is all around us. Where are tulips emerging?

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gardens under the snow
Photo: Joy Thomas
Seasonal Change
News: Signs of Spring
High pressure parked over parts of Alaska brought temperatures in the 40-60°F range recently. Plants began leafing out and snow melted. Meanwhile ice and snow blanketed the Southeast region of the United States where the first test gardens have emerged. As days lengthen, what's happening in the test garden?
  • Utah: "On Friday, February 14th, 7 tulips had emerged. Today, February 18th, we counted 51 tulips! Forty-four emerged over the long weekend! We noticed the very new sprouts are a different color than the older ones." Stansbury Park 02/14/14

  • Utah: "It has been unseasonably warm so there have been some reports of tulips emerging in the area. This prompted us to check our garden. Our tulips are still underground at this time." West Valley City 02/19/14

  • Vermont: "Our tulips have recently been covered with over a foot of fresh snow. We are wondering when the snow will melt, and when the tulips will begin to emerge!" Montpelier 02/17/14

huge snowball
Enough Snow?
Photo: Wikipedia
huge snowball
Sunlight and Seasons

Explore: How Do Freezing Temperatures Affect Plants?
Brrrr...how will our tulips bloom after months of snow and cold? How do plants react to freezing temperatures? Put your labcoat on and try conducting these two cool experiments.

intro to plants and freezing temps
Freezing Temps
Explore: Maps and Journal
Map of Tulip Test Gardens in North America

Journal: Science Notebooking
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