Test Garden News: February 13, 2014
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The spring equinox is just 35 days away. Who is seeing signs of spring?

Image of the Week
gardens under the snow
Photo: Sherri Garbowski
Cold Won't Stop Them
News: Signs of Spring
Utah gardeners in the Great Basin desert region are seeing signs of spring as their tulips emerge. Rain has finally come to drought-stricken California bringing daffodils to life. Snow and ice move into the southeast region.
  • Washington: "WOW! Even though it snowed in February, our tulips have EMERGED! We are thrilled to see spring on its way (despite that the groundhog saw its shadow)." Tacoma 02/01/14

  • Virginia: "One tulip has emerged at least 4 inches but the others are showing just the tips - and this is despite unseasonably cold weather with snow here in Virginia." williamsville 02/05/14

  • Tennessee: "Today our tulips emerged! Something we have been waiting for. Last week was warm but when we woke up this morning it was very cold!" Nashville 02/11/14

Rain at Last
Photo: Julie Podlich
Journey North Tulip Test Gardens
Caught in Storm Track
Photo: Mauree McFarland
Spotlight: Comparing Temperatures
A homeschooler from Iowa compared temperatures around the globe to help her predict garden emergence. day and night temperatures
Explore: Maps and Journal
What's happening in your garden? Already this season 16 gardens are reported emerged. Will snow and cold keep your test garden from emerging?
Map of Tulip Test Gardens in North America

Journal: Science Notebooking
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