Update: May 16, 2013
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Springtime weather is finally reaching Alaska. Northern gardeners celebrate their May blooms.

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Image of the Week

New York garden
Photo: Pat O'Brien
What Do You See?

News: Northern Gardens
"Life is Wonderful in the Spring!"
Many northern Test Gardens are celebrating May blooms. Share some of the excitement!

Barre, Vermont

Ontario garden
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Vermont bloom
Kingston, Ontario

Alaska: Waiting &Watching

Students in Alaska are seeing over 17 hours of sunlight this week. Their daytime temperatures are warming, but cold nights and a late spring this year are keeping the soil temperatures cool. Wait and watch as their Test gardens emerge and grow.

Haines: Earlier this month Pam Randles reported "Tulipsicles" in the Test garden. "Just before this last snow storm, my tulips emerged. They are about 2" tall. It has been snowing and melting and snowing and raining..." 05/01/13

Palmer: "We finally hit 60°F this week, for two days, anyway. Leaf buds have popped, and I think we'll have leaf-out by the end of ths week. Ice out is happening on some lakes. Bears are out, creeping through some of my students' yards, and robins are singing. No sign of the tulips yet." 05/13/13

Anchorage: "No tulips yet in the Test garden. Near building many small bulbs like crocus, pushkinia, Siberian squill and grape hyacinth are up. Very cold fall here with no snow cover, and then late snows and cold spring, so we may have lost the Emperors. We will keep reporting." 05/15/13

Minnesota emerge
Gardens to Watch

Minnesota emerge
Photo: Pam Randles

Maps: Test Gardens
tulip map

Watching for the northern gardens to emerge and bloom. Keep an eye on Alaska and Russia!

tulip map
(North America)
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