Update: April 25, 2013
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Signs of spring are popping up all over the map. From Maine to mid-continent Russia, tulip gardens are emerging. Celebrate your blooms as you explore the form and function of flowers.

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Image of the Week

Williamsport garden
Photo: Michelle McChesney
Joy in Bloom

News: Celebrating Gardens

Gardeners across the continent are celebrating spring and Red Emperor tulips.

"Today is a day to celebrate! Winter is finally letting go of it's grip on us in Wausau, Wisconsin! Our bulbs have emerged from their sleepy rest." 04/18/13

Russian Garden Emerges
"Our tulip Test garden emerged!" was the news from Zelenograd's School #845. 04/16/13 Zelenograd, Russia

Irish Garden Blooms
"After such a long cold March, on this lovely warm day (a high of 13!) our leading tulip finally unfurled its petals," writes Heather in Dublin. 04/14/13

Experimental Gardens
Students at Ashley River Creative Arts School planted experimental gardens last fall. What did they learn? They shared their results, and asked our Expert their burning questions.

Gardens in Bloom
Celebrate news from other gardens:

Zelenograd emergence
Photo: Elena Grigorouk
Russian Garden Emerges

Irish gardener
Photo: Heather Riley
Irish Garden Blooms

Mary Meyer
Photo: Jennifer Waldron
Ashley River Gardens
Explore: Flowers: Form and Function

Are flowers pretty just for people to enjoy, or do you think there are reasons for the way they look? Study your tulip flower and explore the different parts.

parts of a flower
Maps: Test Gardens
Our first blooming garden in Europe this spring is in Dublin, Ireland. Which garden across the pond will be next to bloom?
tulip map


tulip map
(North America)
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