Update: March 7, 2013
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First tulips in Europe for spring 2013! Explore the anatomy of flowers as you wait for your spring blooms.

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Image of the Week
tulip flower
Photo: Mary Hosier
Waiting for Blooms
News: First for Europe

A look at the Eurasia map shows emerging tulips in Dublin, Ireland! "Our potted garden emerged on February 17th, a sunny Sunday followed by a very cold week." Here are some other places where tulips emerged:

Emerging in Maryland
Fourth graders from Chevy Chase school reported, "Five of our 50 bulbs have emerged. This year the bulbs were planted closer to the building and on a portion of the courtyard that gets more shade than in previous plantings. Even though we are expecting a snow storm tomorrow, it's our first sign that spring is on the way." 03/05/13

Emerging in Washington
First graders from Wilkeson Elementary reported, "We have emerged tulips that are about 4 inches high. The ones that were planted deeper into the ground are showing a red coloring. We planted in 3 locations. The tulips that receive more light are further along. Our weather is milder this year. No snow, but we've had the "Seattle" rain." 03/01/13

Emerging in New Jersey
Third graders from Central Park school sent a photo of their emerging tulips. "We observed that the tulips have started to grow. The plants are green, purple, pink, and yellow in color." 03/04/13

pot of tulipsPhoto: Heather Riley
First for Europe

tulip map

snow depth
Photo: Ashley LaCount
Emerging in New Jersey

Explore Flowers: Botanical Journal
To celebrate the first blooming plants of spring take a closer look at flower anatomy. Zoom in on the shapes and colors of flower parts. Experiment with art materials to draw, color, and label parts of a flower for your own botanical journal.

Temperature testing
Looking Closely
The Maps: Test Gardens

As the emerging test gardens appear on the map, questions arise. Why do you think the garden in Dublin, Ireland emerged earlier than other gardens in the same region? Take a look at the maps and make predictions!

tulip map


tulip map
(North America)
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