Update: February 21, 2013
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Brrr...how do plants react to freezing temperatures? Learn how their cells contain plant anti-freeze. Put your labcoat on and explore. Discover more about weather maps.

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Image of the Week
ready to plant
Photo: Jenny Boneshyn
Right Side Up!
News: Highlights

February is a month of weather swings. One day it might be 70° and the next it could be snowing. What we know for sure is that emerging tulips can survive the swings.

Highlights this Week:

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Returning from Presidents' Day Weekend, our grade I class observed that two tulip plants have emerged. We hope they'll be okay, as we're still experiencing wintry weather. 02/19/13

Holliston, Massachusetts
Tulips emerged here on January 31. Why did they emerge so early? Was it because it is a courtyard garden? Two weeks later the garden was covered with snow.

Pickins, South Carolina
Even with our warmer than usual 70 degree days in January, the bulbs emerged very close to the dates in previous years. We are also comparing growth with another variety planted during Red Ribbon Week. 02/14/13

Huntington Park, California
Students planted four gardens; two in sun, two in shade. Will these conditions affect their emerging rate and growth? Students are monitoring and observing. 02/06/13

Avg. temps 2/10-16
Average Temperatures

tulips under the snow
Photo: Kristin Foster
Courtyard Garden

snow depth
Photo:Juliet Ethirveerasingam
Varying Conditions

Explore: How Do Freezing Temperatures Affect Plants?

Brrrr...how will our tulips bloom after months of snow and cold? How do plants react to freezing temperatures? Put your labcoat on and try conducting these two cool experiments.

intro to plants and freezing temps
Freezing Temps

The Maps: Weather and Tulips

A weather map is like a treasure chest of information. Learn how to read symbols that show warm and cool winds, air pressure, and weather fronts. Use the tulip map to locate emerged gardens in the path of the snow storm.

tulip map


tulip map
(North America)
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The Next Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on February 28, 2013.