Update: February 14, 2013
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A big winter storm dumped record snows over the east last week. How will all this snow affect temperatures and emerged tulips? Learn the Ojibwa word for "thank you."

Today's Report Includes:

Image of the Week
big snowfall
Investigate: Snow Cover

Over the weekend, a major winter storm brought several feet of snow to north-eastern North America. How might this cold blanket of snow affect test gardens? Look for clues in these experiments shared by Alaskan gardeners. Then go out and explore on your own.

snow depth
Photo: Lisa Sullivan
News: Highlights

It's mid-February now and longer daylight combined with warmer weather are bringing news of more Test gardens emerging.

"Some bulbs emerging, some still hidden from view." Peoria, Illinois 2/13/13

"Tulips have emerged!! What a coincidence...one of this week's amazing words is emerged!" wrote students in Hartselle, Alabama 2/06/13

"Four of our tulips have emerged. They are a beautiful red color. We wonder when the rest of our tulips will emerge?" St. Louis, Missouri 2/07/13

Temperature Swings
Read about the weather at Nelson Rural School in New Brunswick, then see if you can answer this, "How many degrees did their temperature swing in January?"

Soil Temperatures?
At Annie Wright School in Tacoma, Washington students are monitoring soil temperatures using computer software made just for this purpose.

Science and Culture Merge
"Miigwetch" means "Thank You" in Ojibwa language. At Lakeview school in Ontario, the Ojibwa culture teaches students that all things on Mother Earth need to be acknowledged and respected. Students share how they are caring for tulips and other plants in their classroom.



ready to plant
Photo: Kimberly Hargett

snow depth
Photo: Lisa Sullivan Temperature Swings

map journaling
Photo: Jeanne Schneider-Powers Soil Temperature Software

Video: Nicole Fox  

Spotlight: Using Map Journals

Journal pages provided with each Test Garden update offer many opportunities for discovering connections between weather, seasons, and Test gardens. Find out how one school used January's world temperature Map Journal to learn more about global temperatures and geography.

"We had a great time using our mini globes to find places around the world that have similar temperatures to Iowa this week."

map journaling
Photo: Melissa Ansiel
Map Skills
Explore: Maps

Look down at the North Pole this week and explore the Earth's snow cover. Then compare this amazing weather map with our own Test Garden map. How do you think the snow will affect when tulips will grow?

tulip map


tulip map
(North America)
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The Next Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on February 21, 2013.