Update: September 12, 2013
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It's Time to Plant Your Tulip Test Garden!
Discover how to choose a garden site and start planting your Red Emperor tulips.

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Credit: Kelli Ellickson
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Explore: Getting Started

Check out information about what, where, when, and how to plant your tulip Test Garden.

Introduce tulip Test Gardens with a slideshow:

Introducing the Project with booklet and slideshow

Explore: Where Do We Plant Our Garden?

Explore what plants need to grow, then use a checklist to study and record variables at selected Test Garden sites around your school yard.

Analyzing garden site

REPORT to the Map

After planting, report "PLANTED" and you will see a dot representing your garden on the map!

Tulip Test Gardens: North America
map | sightings
Spread the Word: Invite Friends

Do you have a partner school, homeschool network, or friends and relatives in far away places who would plant a Test Garden and share their data? Send them an invitation to join the fun!

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