Update: December 6, 2012
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How do the Earth's different climate conditions affect plant growth? This week think global climate as you study temperature maps. Take a virtual tour of sample gardens from different locations and predict how they will grow.

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Slideshow: The Global Climate

Citizen scientists have planted tulip test gardens in places with different climates. Explore the essential question, "How do the Earth's different climate conditions affect plant growth?"

Global Climate

Virtual Tour: Sample Gardens

Tulip planting continues during this warmer-than-average fall. From Vermont to California and east to Ireland, gardens are popping up on the map. Visit sample gardens and then locate each one on the map.

Virtual Tour
Explore: Maps

Journey North Test Garden maps show where all gardens are planted. In the month of November many new gardens were added to the map. How many test gardens are near your home town?

Temperature maps give us weather and climate information about gardens planted in different places. On this week's handout study temperature patterns and record your discoveries.

tulip map

This Week's Map Question Handout

tulip map
(North America)
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The Next Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on January 10, 2013.