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Fifteen Minutes Watching Robins
by Elizabeth Howard
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Two robins stopped to rest during migration last Thursday morning in my neighborhood. I could tell they were migrants because they were so tired they seemed tame! Robins usually keep a safe distance but these robins let me watch them closely for fifiteen minutes. It was a cold morning (35 degrees) and they rested in the sunlight and hopped from branch to branch. I've never been so close to a robin and I saw many new things! Look at these picture carefully. Does anything surprise you? Try to find a few something you never knew before. For example: A robin can ____________ ____________. A robin's feathers ___________. A robin's eyes _________________. A robin's feet _____________________.

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VT041008_011 VT041008_015 VT041008_016 VT041008_018
VT041008_013 VT041008_014 VT041008_023 VT041008_025
VT041008_026 VT041008_003 VT041008_024 VT041008_017
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