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Robin Migration Study Get
Robin Migration Robin Migration Robin Migration Robin Migration

Robins in Winter
This study begins with a mid-winter survey to assess where robins are present before migration begins. Robins are nomadic in wintertime, and move to find sources of food.

Welcome Robins, Welcome Spring
The return of the robin is a favorite sign of spring in northern regions. You can track robin migration all the way from the southern states to the Arctic, where robins don't usually arrive until May.

What to Watch For
Use the spring checklist to discover what to watch for this spring—wintering robins, first robins, 'waves' of robins, first earthworms, and nesting behavior.

What to Listen For
Learn the robin's true song. When a robin reaches its breeding territory, the bird announces its arrival by singing. Tracking robin song is a simple way to follow spring migration across the continent.

Thank You, Citizen Scientists
Your observations are important. The data help scientists track robin movements from year to year.

Photos: Vincent Hevern, Charles Russell, Andy Wilson, L. Birnbaum

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