Assessment Suggestions
Monarch Winter Habitat

(Overview | Assement Chart | Assement Scale)

This season, we're been exploring the key components of the monarch’s winter habitat: food, water, shelter, and space. You can use the following assessment tools and strategies to document students’ grasp of habitat-related concepts.

Younger Students: Drawings or Creative Writing

  • Have each student draw a picture of monarch winter habitat that shows everything a monarch butterfly needs to live (and/or have young); OR
  • Have each student write a short story and describe their winter habitat assuming he or she were a monarch butterfly. It should 1.) include all the necessary components and 2.) feature the various threats to survival monarchs face in the winter; OR
  • Have each student write an advertisement to sell the Winter Dream Home for a monarch butterfly. It should describe the home’s features and show how each meets a monarch’s needs.

Drawings or creative writing should include evidence of food, water, shelter, and space that are appropriate to the habitat (for instance, thick fir trees for shelter).

Older Students: Monarch Habitat Chart and Assessment Scale