Monarch Habitat Conservation
Where do Monarchs Find Fuel During Migration?

Farming practices have a wide-scale impact on monarch habitat. A butterfly garden can be an important place for a monarch to refuel.

From her farm in Loda, Illinois, Sheila Daniels wrote:

"We observed around 100 monarchs resting and feeding today in our front yard butterfly garden. We live out in the country. We are surrounded by corn and soybean fields for miles in each direction so we are an oasis."

Try This!

1) Explore the satellite snapshot of Loda, Illinois on Google Maps.

2) Using your mouse, "fly" across the landscape. Measure how many miles this patchwork pattern of cropland extends. Where could a monarch find nectar?

3) Find out how you can protect monarch habitat.


Refueling at a butterfly garden oasis.
Loda, Illinois

Location of Loda, Illinois

The garden is surrounded by a patchwork pattern of cropland.

Un-pave the Way for Wildlife

How You Can Help
People are helping wildlife by creating backyard refuges and other forms of habitat restoration. See what others are doing and how you can help:

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