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Journey North Booklets
and Slideshows for Kids

Looking for an easy hands-on entry into Journey North? These printable nonfiction booklets support standards as they explore the "basics" and compelling topics at a simplified reading level. Just download, print, and assemble them. (Titles appear in a suggested sequence.) Put copies into kids' hands or share them as read-alouds. You can also set up the matching slide shows on computers or project them for the entire class. Use the Teacher Guides and student handouts to build reading skills and get the most from each topic!
An Amazing Ruby-throat Journey! Why Come Back North in the Spring?
rufous migration slideshow book book cover
First Arrivals
How to ID New Migrants
What Happens in a Hummingbird Nest?
A Surprising Hummingbird Recapture Outgrowing the Nest
building a nest book cover
Hummingbirds Spring into Action Hummingbirds on the Wintering Grounds Building a Hummingbird Nest
book cover rufous migration slideshow    
How a Backyard Rufous Got Through the Winter Why Do Rufous Hummers Seem Far Ahead?    

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