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Answers From the Hummingbird Expert

Special thanks to Hummingbird Expert Lanny Chambers of for providing his time and expertise in responding to your questions!

Gregory Heights MS

Q. What would the possible spraying for Gypsy Moth do to the Hummingbirds in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon? J. Fitterman

A: To date, Gypsy Moths have not spread farther west than Michigan, so this shouldn't be an issue until the next century, if ever. See this site to learn more about the Gypsy Moth.

Although the spraying of chemical insecticides is one method of treatment, there are others, including the use of the moth's natural predators and parasites, which probably have no effect on birds.

For more information about other insect spraying activity in Portland, I'd start with the Multnomah County office of the Oregon State University Extension Service:

J R Briggs

Q. We just read a story written by Robert McCloskey. The story is about a hurricane on the coast of Maine and at the end of the story he poses the question about where do humming birds go during a hurricane. K. Bastille and my third grade class.

A: They take whatever shelter they can find, often in dense shrubbery, and ride out the storm. In Louisiana, some people have attached small feeders to fenceposts and trees with duct tape, so they won't be blown down, and have seen hummingbirds visit the feeders whenever the wind dropped, even in heavy rain.

Lanny Chambers
St. Louis, USA
Visit Lanny's Web site ""

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