Teacher Tips for The Bald Eagle Migration Study

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Print-and-Fold Instructions


Build Background: Create a class KWL chart about Bald Eagles. Encourage students to consider the bald eagle's history, habitats, habits and adaptations.


Get Meaning From Photos. Discuss:
• How might biologist Pete Nye have caught this eagle?
• Describe the transmitter the eagle wears.

• How are baby eagles and adult eagles alike and different from each other?

• Study the maps to learn about the New York eagles' movements and migrations. How far do they migrate? How does one year differ from another? One bird from another?


Read a Story: Read about a "typical" eagle capture in this story. Pete and his assistant set out bait and patiently wait for the exact capture moment. Visit and read,"Trapping Eagles, Watching for Crows."
Discover more about satellite tracking technology. Study, "High, High Tech -The Science of Satellite Tracking.

Start a Journal for the questions that will appear in this booklet and the upcoming reports. Start with these “big” questions and add thoughts as the season unfolds:
1. What important things can we learn by studying the bald eagle migration?
2. Find out more about maps: Learn your exact latitude and longitude before you begin charting the eagles' movements.