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Winter & Spring
Lessons, Activities, and Information

Winter & Spring


Getting Started

Tracking Whooping Crane Migration

Conservation: Bringing Back an Endangered Species

Winter & Spring Lessons

Before you report a crane sighting: Are you certain it's a Whooper? Please see WCEP form.


More Crane Lessons and Information! Conservation, Artistic Expression, General Biology, Reintroduction/Crane History



Science Math
JN for Kids
The challenges of Whooping Crane Survival: Learning from Life Histories
Photo gallery with
Whooping Cranes on the Wintering Grounds
Two Migratory Flocks
Reintroduced Eastern Flock: How Many Cranes?
The goal: 25 breeding pairs from 125 birds by 2020
Natural Western Flock: How Many Cranes?
The goal: Maintain a minimum of 40 nesting pairs 
Which Are Whoopers? Learn to ID and take our quiz.

Big Black-and-White Birds: Which are Whooping Cranes?

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