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Classrooms in Action
Sharon Kuchinski, Grade 2
Expressions Learning Arts Academy

Gainsville, Florida
Whooping Crane Poetry Dance

Claire Timm, Grade 3
Maclay School

Tallahassee, Florida

Barrett Elementary School
Arlington, Virginia

Project Discovery Teacher Laurie Sullivan
Project Interaction Teacher Renee Shaw
Kindergarten Teachers Susan Golden, Elizabeth Rente, Cristina Torres, Wendy Ratcliffe; Wildlife Refuge and Wildlife Project: teachers Wendy Cohen, Margaret
Frick, Allyson Greene and Renee

Wendy Dudley and Heidi Hartman, Grade 4
Alexander Middle School
Nekoosa, Wisconsin
Annelise Trubelhorn
Tampa Prep School
Tampa, Florida

Lisa Harrison, Grade 2
University of Chicago Lab Schools

Chicago, Illinois


Grade 1
Ms. Evelyn Kelley
Avondale Elementary School
Birmingham, Alabama


Grade 3
Mrs. Acker, Mrs. Sharpe, Mrs. Rossberg
Oaks School #3

Oceanside, New York

Grade 3 Science
Ms. Karin Liimatta
The Waterford School
Sandy, Utah


Garrison-Jones Elementary School Fourth Grade
Dunedin, Florida


Lori Trout, Grade 4
Kennedy Montessori Elementary School
Louisville, Kentucky


Abby Studnicka, Home School Teacher
Chillicothe, Illinois


Laurie Johnston, Gifted Education Specialist
Lindbergh School District
St. Louis, Missouri


Karol Hirschberger,
Paul B. Stephens School
Clearwater, Florida


Margaret Black, Grade 2/3
Harriett Todd P.S.
Orillia, Ontario, Canada


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