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Meet Some Team Members on Crew 2002

Joe Duff, Co-founder of Operation Migration (OM)

Team leader and lead pilot. Father of daughter Alex, age 3.

Hear Joe

Bill Lishman, Co-founder of Operation Migration (OM) and first person to ever fly with birds in formation

Scout pilot

Heather Ray, Operation Migration Office Manager and WCEP Outreach Teacher traveling with the migration. Mom of 3 teenagers: Lindsay, Chad and Chase.

Hear Heather

Richard van Heuvelen, Operation Migration (OM) pilot

Richard led the ground crew for the 2001 migration and filled in as back-up pilot. In 2002 he became one of the 3 lead pilots. He has four daughters: Megan, Sara, Katie and Jessie.

Mark Nipper, OM Intern

1. Hear Mark
2. Mark Tells About His Job

2001 Crew who led the first historic ultralight-led migration: Deke Clark and Joe Duff were lead pilots and Dan was lead trainer. Deke is recovering from a stroke suffered in January 2002.

Brooke Pennypacker, Operation Migration. One of the 3 lead pilots in 2002. One son: Devin.

Dan Sprague, Biologist at USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. Dan is with the chicks from hatching throughout their training and migration south. No children yet, but has several pets with his wife.

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Kelly Maguire, aviculturalist with International Crane Foundation

Hear Kelly

Sara Zimorski, aviculturaist with International Crane Foundation (ICF) will monitor the young cranes over the winter at Chassahowitzka.

Sara Zimorski (left) and ICF intern Lara Fondow ((right) will track HY2002 whoopers with ICF intern Colleen Satyshur (not pictured) along with Dr. Richard Urbanek as the birds migrate north on their own in spring 2003.

Dr. Barry Hartup, Veterinarian with International Crane Foundation

Dr. Bernard Wessling, Scientist and Crane Voice Recording Specialist from Germany

Hear Dr. Wessling

Brian Johns, Biologist at Wood Buffalo National Park. Canadian Leader of the International Crane Recovery Team, a WCEP Partner

Tom Stehn, Biologist at Aransas NWR. U.S. Leader of the International Crane Recovery Team, a WCEP Partner

Don and Paula Lounsbury, Top-cover pilots for OM
Photo OM

Brian Clauss, Patuxent WRC and
Ground Crew with fall migration

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