Surviving Fall Migration
It's Hurricane Season!

Fall migration takes place during hurricane season. What happens to wild animals when a hurricane hits?

Here's a true story about a peregrine falcon. Canadian scientist Geoff Holroyd used satellite telemetry to track this bird's migration. Print a copy of the migration map. Label the date of each satellite reading with the help of the key. What happened to the peregrine falcon? Describe what you see. What questions do you have about the falcon's migration as you look at the map? List your questions then read what happened. (See links below.)

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Read biologist Geoff Holroyd's journal entries:

Questions for Your Science Journal:

Animals need habitat to survive. Migratory animals need habitat on their breeding grounds, during fall migration, on their wintering grounds, and during spring migration. Habitat includes food, water, shelter, and space. What was Falcon #5375's habitat missing during fall migration?

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