Sunlight and the Seasons: March
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Meteorological Spring Begins
March 1st is the first day of meteorological spring! The coldest 3 months of a record-breaking winter are behind us now. Astronomical spring, based on the position of the Earth in its orbit around the sun, begins on the Vernal Equinox — March 20.

How is your daylight changing?
Please report your day length TWICE in March.


Sunlight and the Seasons
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Seasonal Happenings
sandhill cranes
Predicting Spring's Arrival?
Sandhill Cranes
Coming to the Platte River
Cedar Waxwings
Devouring fruit
green shoots bluebirds rubythroat
Daffodil Shoots
Sprouting up

Eastern Bluebird
Flocking in Massachusetts
Ruby-throated Hummers
Arriving on the Gulf Coast
Please report your observations

The equinox is coming!
Remember to report daylight twice in March!
(March 1st and 20th)

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Sunlight and the Seasons
Earth's position on August 1st. Signs of Spring 2013
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