Sunlight and the Seasons: April
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April Arrives
Nature's timing is perfect. Leaves emerge, insects hatch, and birds arrive. Longer sunlight days tell us spring has arrived.
red-winged blackbird
Photo: Ed Nephler
gray whale calf
Photo: Michael H. Smith
monarch and milkweed
Photo: Veronica Moeller
Red-winged Blackbirds
Arriving in the North
Gray Whales
Mother-Baby Pairs Migrating
Laying Eggs in Texas
bald eagle
Photo: Phil Lanoue
Mexican long-tailed batPhoto: Wikipedia
robin and nesting materials
Photo: Wayne Kryduba
Bald Eagles
Returning in the North
Free-tailed Bats
Migrating from Mexico
Building Nests
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Sunlight and the Seasons

Earth's position on August 1st.

Signs of Spring 2013
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