Sunlight and the Seasons: February
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Welcome to Journey North Spring 2013
Spring is coming! As the Earth revolves around the sun we're moving 1.5 million miles a day, or 18 miles every second. Join us this spring as we track how seasonal changes in sunlight affect the entire web of life. Here's what's happening in February:
Signs of the Seasons
Photo: Journey North
flock of robins
Photo: B. Gross
Photo: Geri DeBoer
Monarch Butterflies
Overwintering in Mexico
Traveling in nomadic flocks
Wintering in tropical climates
Courtship dance
Photo: Sue Kersey
Signs of the Seasons
Photo: Baja Jones
Photo: Lynn Shade
Whooping Cranes
Pairing up for breeding
Gray Whales
Giving birth in Mexico's lagoons
Tulip Test Gardens
Emerging in the south
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Sunlight and the Seasons

Earth's position on August 1st.

Signs of Spring 2013
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Captured on Live Cam
gray seal mom and pup
peeking out two bears
Gray Seals are only found in the North Atlantic Ocean. Explore live video footage of these animals during their time on Seal Island. Gray seals come to the island to birth and feed each year. One of the earliest sign of spring. Watch now!  
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