Sunlight and the Seasons: September
Please Report
Your Sightings!
Report Your Sightings
Change is in the Air
Daylight changes as the Earth revolves around the sun. How are plants and animals affected? Look for signs of fall and report your observations.

puffin chick
Beluga whales
Chick just Fledged
Beluga Whales
Feeding on Capelin
Getting Ready to Migrate
sunset across the summer months
Photo: Carol Cullar
robins eating berries
Photo: Donald Severson
horse chestnut
Photo: Mary Hosier
Sun's Position
Changing Along the Horizon
Flocking Up
Horse Chestnuts
Ripening on the Trees
Please report your observations!

The Equinox is Coming!
Please report daylight twice in September
September 1st and 22nd

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Sunlight and the Seasons

Earth's position on August 1st.

Signs of Spring 2013
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