Sunlight and the Seasons: December
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Report Your Sightings
As the Earth revolves around the sun...
  • The Solstice is coming! Please report your day length twice in December.
  • What's happening to plants and animals in December? Please report your sightings.
Share observations from your part of the world!
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Seasonal Happenings
double eagles
Photo: Roxanne Townshend
Photo: Roxanne Townshend
Signs of the Seasons
Numerous eagles searching for open water found it on Minnesota lakes. Adult and juvenile trumpeter swans congregated in open water. Report Your Sightings
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Queens on loquat
Photo: MJ Piwetz
tree in fall
Photo: Kylee Ponder
cranes return
Photo: Carol Rogers
Butterflies observed for the past couple of weeks. Over 50 butterflies on the loquat tree and in our garden. Changing seasons observed and documented in Virginia. Whooping cranes returned to their winter home in Florida.
Live Cam Video
two bears
two bears two bears
Polar Bears wrestled as they wait for freeze-up on Hudson Bay. Explore live video footage of these animals in the wild. Soon they go back onto the ice to hunt seals.  
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