Sunlight and the Seasons: October
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Seasonal Happenings
bluejays flocking
Photo: Dick Daniels
wind and rain
Photo: Sean Williams
Signs of the Seasons
Detroit River corridor spotters counted 30,000+ migrating Blue Jays. Palmer, Alaska reported power outages due to strong fall winds and rain. Report Your Sightings
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sunset on lake
Photo:Gert Trudel
scissor-tailed flycatcher
Photo: Wikipedia
red-wing blackbirds Photo: Melissa Ansiel
Falling leaves and cold winds across the lake signaled autumn in Ontario. Scissor-tailed flycatchers formed pre-migratory roosts in Norman, Oklahoma. Large flocks of red-winged blackbirds migrated through backyards in Pella, Iowa.
puffins on the rock osprey bears
Puffins left Maine's Seal Island for the open ocean. Watch and learn from spectacular video footage. Osprey left on their first fall migration to South America. Watch and learn from spectacular video footage. Brown bears feasted on salmon in Alaska. Watch and learn from spectacular live video footage.
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