Symbolic Migration Update: January 31, 2013

Update Includes:

planting oyamel pines
Planting oyamel fir for monarch conservation

Monarch Conservation in Mexico

Thanks to Donors
Many people include financial support for monarch conservation as part of the Symbolic Migration each fall. Journey North forwards the donations to the Monarch Butterfly Fund, where Dr. Karen Oberhauser serves as president. Today, she sends a letter of thanks and explains how the funds are used in Mexico.

"Even though it's January now, it won't be long before the spring migration begins. You can feel proud of the help you provided to continue this migration," says Dr. Oberhauser in her letter.

Monarch Butterfly Fund Letter

Letter of Thanks
from Dr. Karen Oberhauser

List of Supporters

Thanks for Supporting Monarch Conservation!

Thanks to the students, teachers, individuals, clubs and associations listed below from across the U.S. and Canada for their generous support of the Monarch Butterfly Fund.

List #1: Alabama - Kentucky (AL - KY)
List #2: Maine - Nova Scotia (ME - NS)
List #3: Ohio - Wisconsin (OH - WI)

How to Contribute
Contact the Monarch Butterfly Fund.

Can't Find Your Name?

Please look very carefully before contacting us.

The lists are in alphabetical order by the abbreviated name of state, province or country.

Look carefully: Abbreviations sometimes fall in alphabetical order differently from fully-spelled names.

Coming Mid-February: Find Your Butterfly in Mexico

Search Engine and Photos
Estela finished delivering all of the Symbolic Monarchs on January 31st. She took pictures of the children holding the butterflies they received. In mid-February you will be able to look for your butterfly using a search engine.

  • We'll announce the news here as soon as the search engine is ready.


Students holding the Symbolic Butterflies they received from the US and Canada
The Next Symbolic Migration Update will be posted in mid-February.

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