September 11: Welcome to the 2013 Season
By Mary Hosier
Report to Map

Send a Monarch to Mexico!
It's time to create your paper monarchs for the Symbolic Butterfly Migration! When you send your ambassador butterfly, report to the map.

Postmark Your Butterflies by October 11

Image of the Week

RocinanteHolá from Mexico

How To Participate: Teacher Packet

This teacher packet provides instructions about how to create an ambassador butterfly that will be sent to Mexico.


Gallery: Sample Butterflies

Visit the gallery to spark ideas.

sample gallery
Spotlight: Introductory Activities
Introduce your class to the spirit of Symbolic Migration.

Slideshow: Monarch Butterfly Migration | Crossing Borders and Connecting People

Donate: Connecting Students Through Literature

Use this opportunity to send a Spanish version of the book, Monarch! Come Play with Me, to a classroom in Mexico.

buy a book for Mexico
Deadline: Postmark by Friday, October 11

After you send your butterfly on its journey, report to the Fall Migration map. Participating classrooms can connect through the map.

symbolic migration map

Next Update: October 18, 2013.

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