Symbolic Migration Update: November 2, 2012 Please Report
After sending your butterflies
The first real monarch butterflies are just arriving in Mexico, and your Symbolic Monarchs are on their way! Check out the Symbolic Art Gallery to meet some of the ambassador butterflies heading off to Mexico.

Check out the messages behind each dot on the map.

  • "Gracias amigos en México para el cuidado de las mariposas monarca! Thank you friends in Mexico for taking care of the Monarch butterflies! "

  • "Nos divertimos haciendo nuestro monarca simbólico - esperamos que os guste! We had fun making our symbolic monarch - we hope you like it!"
Image of the Week
Symbolic Butterfly Map
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2012 Symbolic Butterfly Gallery
"These are TRULY ambassadors! Look at the details!" Journey North workers exclaim as they open your butterfly envelopes. Take a look at these treasures.

bfly bfly bfly
bfly bfly bfly
Slideshow: The Arrival and Mexican Traditions
The first monarchs arrive at their winter home in Mexico each fall by the first of November. People connect the arrival of the monarchs with two events that take place in Mexico at the time; the corn harvest is a seasonal event and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a cultural event.

  • How are Mexico's traditions connected to the arrival of monarchs? This week's slideshow explores that essential question.
Monarch's Arrival and Mexican Traditions
Symbolic Gallery: More Coming Soon
Watch for more entries to the 2012 Sample Butterfly Gallery on November 16.