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Symbolic Migration News
News Updates will be posted here for the important events of the
2015 Symbolic Migration.
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Make a Classroom Butterfly
September 14, 2015

Create a classroom butterfly that will unite your classroom in Monarch conservation with students in Mexico and Canada.

Join the Community
October 2, 2015

Join classrooms from the US and Canada united by the monarch butterfly. Connect with the map.
Postmark deadline: October 9th

Butterflies Carry Messages
October 29, 2015

Symbolic Galleries are open! Ambassador butterflies carry wishes of goodwill for the monarch. Let's take a peek at some of them.

Symbolic Migration News
blooming tulips Arrival! blooming tulips

Make a Classroom Butterfly
September 19, 2014

It's time for the Symbolic Butterfly Migration! Make a classroom butterfly to unite children in the US, Mexico, and Canada in monarch conservation.Postmark deadline: October 10th

Join the Community
October 3, 2014

Report your Ambassador butterfly to the map so it can be shared between students united by the monarch migration.

Hundreds of Butterflies
October 20, 2014

The deadline has passed and hundreds of Ambassador butterflies are arriving at the staging grounds. Let's take a peek at some of the faces behind the butterflies.

bfly Vincente G students holding symbolic butterflies

Ambassador Gallery
November 7, 2014

Symbolic butterflies carry messages of goodwill, friendship and monarch conservation. Visit the 2014 Symbolic Monarch Gallery for a sampling of this year's creative ambassador butterflies.

Arrival in Mexico!
December 4, 2014

Your Symbolic Monarchs have arrived in Mexico and into the hands of the children living near the monarch sanctuaries!

Who Sent Butterflies?
December 12, 2014

Over 32,000 students sent Symbolic Monarch Butterflies to the children at the overwintering sites in Mexico. Find your school on the list.

Students in Mexico with Symbolic Monarchs Hola Amigos

Explore previous migration seasons:

Find Your Butterfly
February 23, 2015

Find your Ambassador Butterfly in Mexico and see the student who received it.

Report Whose Butterfly You Received
April 28, 2015

Continue the Cycle of Friendship and Stewardship. Receive a butterfly. Report it, then find your butterflies to see who cared for them.