Contributed by Dr. Karen Oberhauser


Q. Which do you think is the greatest threat to monarch survival, wintering sites in Mexixo, breeding sites in Canada and the U.S. or something else?
Because the monarchs are concentrated in a very small area in the winter, they are more vulnerable during this stage of their life. However, breeding sites in Canada and the US are also crucial to their survival, and additional losses of these sites also pose threats. I don't think that we should focus so much on what the greatest threat is, but more on what we can do as individuals to permit monarchs and other species to live alongside humans.

Q. What steps is the Mexican government taking to stop the destruction of oyamel trees in Mexico?
A. See Mexico Strengthens Protection for Monarch's Forest

Q. Are there laws protecting monarchs and their enviroments?
A. In Mexico, some of the overwintering sites are protected. The Canadian government is also working on protecting monarch habitat. Unfortunately, there are no specific laws in the U.S. What kinds of laws do you think we'd need to protect them in their breeding grounds here? What kind of land should be protected? It might be harder to protect them in the U.S. Why? Is there anything you can do to help?