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Frequently Asked Questions
Students Ask and Experts Answer
Ways to use in the Classroom


  • size
  • weight
  • body systems
  • physiology
  • senses
  • other physical characteristics
  • communication

Life Cycle

  • longevity
  • birth and growth
  • reproduction and young
  • heredity
  • parenting behavior


  • habitat and range
  • niche
  • food
  • enemies
  • adaptations
  • migration
  • populations
  • distribution
  • ecosystems


  • threats/human impacts
  • habitat loss
  • conservation status
  • historic population size
  • conservation efforts, etc.


Q. What are the scientific names and classification of the frogs Journey North is tracking?

Q. What do you call scientists who study frogs?
Q. What's are amphibians?

Q. What's the difference between a toad and a frog?

Q. Why do a frogs eyes bulge out?

Q. How do frogs breathe?

Q. How do frogs make their calls?

Q. Does each frog species have its own kind of call?

Q. How do frogs hear?

Q. How can frogs detect the calls of their own species?

Q. What's a group of frogs called?

Q. What's special about spring peepers?

Q. When do spring peepers start to sing?

Q. What do spring peepers sound like?

Q. What do spring peepers look like?

Q. What's unique about the Pacific treefrog?

Q. What's the largest frog?

Q. What is the smallest frog?

Q. How can I find frogs?

Q. What should I do if I see a frog?

Life Cycle

Q. How long does a frog usually live?

Q. Why do frogs make such a ruckus in the spring?

Q. What is frog spawn?

Q. How do frogs reproduce?

Q. How long does it take for a tadpole to turn into an adult frog?


Q. Where do frogs live?

Q. What do frogs eat?

Q. How do frogs hunt for food?

Q. How does a frog use its tongue?

Q. How is a frog's tongue different from most animal tongues?

Q. Why do so many frogs come out onto roads when it rains?

Q. Where do frogs go in winter?

Q. How do frogs survive the winter in cold places?

Q. Do frogs migrate?

Q. How do frogs time their migration from summer breeding swamps to winter lakes?

Q. Do frogs hibernate?

Q. If frogs have to have wet skin, how do they survive during very hot or very dry spells?

Q. Why do frogs sun themselves?

Q. What is a frog's role in the ecosystem?


Q. How could I help my local frogs survive migration to spend the winter safely, or to lay eggs in spring?

Q. Why do people care about protecting frogs?

Q. How are frogs beneficial?

Q. What's a bio-indicator?

Q. Why are frogs called good bio-indicators?

Q. Why are scientists concerned about frogs?

Q. What's all the fuss about deformed frogs being found?

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