Robin Migration Update: January 28, 2014
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Join citizen scientists across North America as we observe and track the spring migration. Where are robins now, and what are they doing?

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Winter robin with feathers fluffed to keep warm

Surviving Cold

Image: Randy indish
News: Welcome Citizen Scientists

From Florida to Alaska, over 400 people reported waves of robins during January. Winter weather often gets robins on the move. Each time a cold front blew across the continent, people reported flocks on the move. Some saw hundreds of robins, "too many to count." Many were surprised to see them so early, and didn't realize some are overwintering robins that stay as long as they find food. Your January observations help tell the story:

  • Tennessee: "We woke up to a yard full of robins. I counted about 100 and gave up. I have never seen anything like this 'swarm,' much less this early in the year!" Barry, Kingsport (Jan. 19)
  • Michigan: "I've been seeing small groups of robins regularly (often 6 to 12 birds together) where fruit can be found, and have been thinking they are over-wintering here. Fruit crops have been impressive, so they have what they need." Kent, Kingsport (Jan. 20)
  • Ohio: "Saw four in my yard and perched in the crabapple tree, along with five starlings. Since there's a bumper crop of crabapples on my tree, I anticipate the usual feeding frenzy."  Julie, Bay Village (Jan. 18)



Photo: Normie Woods
Hungry Robins
Social robins at winter birdbath
Photo: Val Cunningham
Thirsty Robins
Flock of robins on snowy day
Photo: Kristy Ray
Flocks of Robins!
Slideshow: What Do Robins Eat in the Wintertime?

How do robins survive cold, snowy winters? When earthworms are not available, what food will they find? Where will they find water?

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