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Spring 2014: Tuesdays, January 28 - May 6, 2014
2014 Northern Observation Posts
News Flash! Migration Complete: May 6, 2014
"ROBINS IN SHAGELUK: Loud and TRUE!" came the happy news today from Innoko River School in Shageluk, Alaska—our northernmost observation post and the ones who waited the longest to see robins reach the end of their migration trail!


Hungry robin nestlings with mouths open wide
Robin Migration Update: May 6, 2014
Robins are late at the end of the trail, but now nesting across much of their breeding range. It's time for the serious business of making new little robins. Thanks to all who reported their robins and helped us track their journey north!

Photo: Sandra Bedford

Four robin eggs in nest
Robin Migration Update: April 29, 2014
Fewer sighting reports may indicate that most homeward-bound robins have arrived. Our slideshow explores what happens in the nest.


Photo: Julie Brophy

Robin with mud in her beak
Robin Migration Update: April 22, 2014
From south to north, observers report robins in various stages of migration and nesting. On this Earth Day, we dig into the robin food chain and the web of life.


Photo: Wayne Kryduba

Robin with a beak full of nesting materials
Robin Migration Update: April 15, 2014
Robins instinctively know how to build perfect nurseries. How do they decide where to build them?


Photo: Wayne Kryduba

Two male robins fighting mid-air.
Robin Migration Update: April 8, 2014
The robin chorus is spreading and the rush for robin real estate is on.
Find out if your neighborhood has what robins seek in a territory.


Photo: Andy Wilson

Early spring robin in Ontario

Robin Migration Update: April 1, 2014
Investigate leapfrog migration as we straddle two seasons and see the Robin Expert's answers to your questions. Report your robins!


Photo: Marc Landry
orthern robin eating berry in early spring
Robin Migration Update: March 25, 2014
Slow and steady migration continues, and robin song is finally on the rise!


Photo: Maureen Sholly

Robin with worm just pulled from the ground

Robin Migration Update: March 18, 2014
Spring is coming! Observers reported more robin FIRST sightings than WAVES for the first time. With robins returning, it's time to salute another sign of spring: the lowly earthworm.

Photo: R. Bushby


Singing robin perched in tree

Robin Migration Update: March 11, 2014
Flocks are starting to break up, with sightings of FIRST robins almost equal to sightings of WAVES as spring nears. Meet our Northern Observation Posts. When will they see robins?

Image:Christina Westley

Robin eating a mealworm

Robin Migration Update: March 4, 2014
March came in like a lion and robins are grouping up where they can find bare ground and food. Will we see a big push north when temperatures finally warm?

Image: Judy Van Tilburg

Robins flock to water.

Robin Migration Update: February 25, 2014
Peak migration month is just around the corner: It's time to print out the observation checklist, sharpen your listening skills, and get your questions ready for robin expert Laura Erickson.

Image: Sandy Nyeholt

Four robins in a snowy tree

Robin Migration Update: February 11, 2014
Huge flocks of robins are on the move in response to winter weather events. Where are they going?

Image: Robert Perron

Winter robin

Robin Migration Update: January 28, 2014
Where are robins now, and what are they doing? Please report your sightings. Join citizen scientists and help us tell the story of spring migration 2014!

Image: Randy Indish

Robins feastingn on berries in winter Seeing Robins: Let Us Know! January 16, 2014
Are you seeing robins where you live? With your help, we'll make a map to show where robins are present on their winter range in January. Put your sightings on the map; Journey North's 21st season is about to begin!
Image: Marion Durrwachter
American Robin in snow Welcome!
The return of the backyard robins is a favorite sign of spring. Learn to identify robin songs and calls, analyze maps and data, explore the robin life cycle, and discover surprising things about this cheery harbinger of spring. News updates begin January 28, 2014. More...
Image: Peter Raspberry
American Robin singing Archived Seasons
Explore previous migration seasons:

Image: Dorothy Edgington