News Flash! Migration Complete: May 16, 2013
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Your Sightings!
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Robins have FINALLY reached the end of their migration trail! We bring the happy tidings from the northerners who waited the longest as we wrap up the season.

"We are happy to tell you that our Gonandadoy (American Robins) are finally here!" came the happy news on May 15 from Innoko River School in Shageluk, Alaska—our northernmost observation post. What took them so long? Find out:

Map of Journey North's 2013 Northern Observation Posts
Migration Complete!
Please Report: Nesting Behaviors
As we wrap up our migration reports today, please continue to report nesting behaviors to our map. Then get set for a summer of robin-watching! Start a journal you can add to in future years. Record date, time of day and gender of each bird you're observing. Note these and other behaviors: singing, fighting, hunting for worms, eating other food items (fruits, berries, etc), chasing predators or intruders, sleeping, bathing, preening, nest building, incubating, feeding babies, "freezing" when a hawk flies over, and other things you notice. You're on your way to better bird watching!
Robin gathers grass for nest
Photo: Wayne Kryduba
Please Report!
Nesting Behaviors

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