Robin Migration Update: March 26, 2013
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The robin chorus is spreading and the rush for robin real estate is on. Find out if your neighborhood has what robins seek in a territory. Why is claiming and defending a good territory so important to a male robin?

This Week's Report Includes:

Image of the Week
Two robins fighting in midair

What's Up?

Image: Andy Wilson
Migration News: Robin Chorus Spreading

What's Happening Now

Robins are now singing in 31 states and 3 Canadian provinces, according to Journey North's citizen scientists. At this writing, Pennsylvania leads with the most songs (13 reports), followed by Michigan (9). Meanwhile, observers in the U.S. midsection are hit with another snowstorm. They (and their robins) wonder what happened to spring, while farther north, observers are celebrating their backyard robins:

  • Pennsylvania: "Heard the first Robin territorial calls this afternoon! Yay! They're setting up shop!"
  • Alberta, Canada: "Good-bye winter and helloooo spring!!! Finally! We spotted our first Robin on our backyard fence this morning. We are so ready for springtime!"
  • Minnesota: "I heard the distinct Peek n Tut of my first spring robin! It took me a minute to locate him in the spruce tree. We still have 2 feet of snow cover and below freezing temps. This (Mar. 23) is my latest first sighting."

What to Watch For:

Signs of nesting
Where females have begun to arrive, nesting is next:

  • Texas: "We have a pair of robins that are staying close to the yard. They have been observed in our birdbath and sitting in the trees surrounding the area. They are singing and have been observed gathering sticks from the yard."

The Robin Checklist for Spring Observations tells what to watch for as this exciting season unfolds. Put nesting behaviors on our new map by knowing what to report. Then click "Nesting Behaviors" as the reporting category to share the good news!


Male robin singing
Image: Don Severson
Welcome Back, Boys!
Two adult robins
Image: Laura Erickson
Migrating, or Home?
Robin with a mouthful of nesting material
Image: Wayne Kryduba
Nesting Behavior?
Map showing reports of nesting behaviors
New! Report Nesting
Slideshow: Will a Robin Choose Your Neighborhood?

The early bird gets the best territory for his mate and babies. What important robin activities happen in a territory? What does a robin look for when choosing a territory in spring? How will you know if a robin has claimed your backyard or schoolyard for his territory? Wonder, read, and learn. Why is claiming and defending a good territory so important to a male robin?


Cover of slideshow: Will a Robin Chooe Your Backyard?
Latest Maps: Where Are Robins Now?

These maps show where people reported earthworms and robins. Patterns emerge as citizen scientists report their observations. What do you notice this week as you compare where robins are seen with the map of average temperatures?

Robin Migration Map: First Robin Robin Migration Map: Waves of Robins Robin migration map: First robins heard singing Earthworm migration map
First See
Report Your Sightings! What, Where & How
First robin of spring Waves of robins Singin robin First earthworm of spring
The First Robin You

Robins migrating in Waves

The First Robin You
Hear Singing

Your first sighting of Earthworms

The next robin migration update will be posted April 2, 2013.