Journey North News: Spring 2013
Posted Tuesdays:  Jan. 29, Feb. 12, 26, Mar 5, 12, 19, 26, Apr. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, May 7
Map of 2013 NOPs NEWS FLASH! Migration Complete: May 16, 2013 Robins have FINALLY reached the end of their migration trail! We bring the happy tidings from the northerners who waited the longest as we wrap up the season.
Animation of egg-to-fledglings in a robin nest

FINAL Robin Migration Update: May 7, 2013 A resoundng thanks to all who reported their robins and helped us track the robins' journey north! Robins are late to the end of the trail, but now nesting across much of their breeding range. Our slideshow reveals what baby robins must learn in summer school.

Photo: L. Birnbaum

Four robin eggs in nest

Robin Migration Update: April 30, 2013 Some robins are still migrating, while others are singing and nesting. Explore what happens in a robin's nest and discover three things that newborn robins can already do.


Photo: Julie Brophy

Female robin with mud on breast for building nest

Robin Migration Update: April 23, 2013 Many robins are still traveling to the places they will nest, slowed by wintry weather again this week. The breeding cycle is underway in places where robins are on territory. Explore the nesting cycle!

Photo:Wayne Kryduba

Male robin

Robin Migration Update: April 16, 2013 Robins have arrived in the Yukon, while large flocks in Minnesota are surprising observers. As Earth Day nears, let's dig into the robin food chain and see what Rachel Carson revealed about the web of life.

Photo: Don Severson

Robin with a beak full of nesting materials

Robin Migration Update: April 9, 2013 Migration is in various phases as a late spring works into April. Four states have reported nesting! How do robins decide where to build? Analyze data to predict when robins will reach the end of the trail.

Photo: Wayne Kryduba

Robin pulls worm from ground with snow.

Robin Migration Update: April 2, 2013 Robins moved further north this week, singing to claim their territories. See the Expert's answers to your robin questions!

Photo: Tom Ernst

Male robins fighting midair

Robin Migration Update: March 26, 2013 The robin chorus is spreading and the rush for robin real estate is on. Find out if your neighborhood has what a robin seeks in a topnotch territory. Why is claiming and defending a good territory so important to a male robin?

Photo: Andy Wilson

American robin in tree

Robin Migration Update: March 19, 2013 Spring "arrives" tomorrow, and the robins seem to know! The past week brought the most robin sighting reports of the season. Can you tell the males from the females? This week's slideshow celebrates what robins do in spring.

Photo: Charlene Ryan

Robin pulling a worm from the soiil

Robin Migration Update: March 12, 2013 With robins returning, it's time to salute another sign of spring: the lowly earthworm. They migrate only a few feet, but the timing of their arrival makes earthworms the unsung heroes of robin migration.

Photo: Wayne Kryduba

Robin takes off from waterer, showing bottoms of its feet.

Robin Migration Update: March 5, 2013 Here they come! Our maps show an increase in robin abundance, plus the biggest push north yet this season. This week's slideshow explores how citizen scientists can contribute to scientific research and discovery. Keep reporting!

Photo: T. J. Wallace

Robins at a heated birdbath

Robin Migration Update: February 26, 2013 Late winter storm systems stalled migration this week, but spring is near. March is peak migration month: It's time to print out the robin observation checklist—and to get your questions ready for Ask the Expert, opening March 1.

Photo: Lois McLean

Robin in snow

Robin Migration Update: February 12, 2013 As blizzards and ice storms hit eastern and southern regions, reports of waves of robins dotted our maps. People were concerned about robins they'd seen: How do robins keep warm in winter? Remember to report your sightings and see them on the map!


Photo: Peter Raspberry

Winter robin finds berries to eat.

Robin Migration Update: January 29, 2013 Welcome to Journey North's 20th season! Join citizen scientists across North America as we track the robin's spring migration. Where are robins now, and what are they doing? Please report your sightings. Help us tell the story of spring migration 2013!

Photo: Sarah Mayhew
Winter robin by water source

Seeing Robins: Let Us Know! January 15, 2013 Are you seeing robins where you live? With your help, we'll make a map to show where robins are present on their winter range in January. Put your sightings on the map; Journey North's 20th season is about to begin!

Photo: Kim Smith

robin Welcome and Orientation: The return of the backyard robins is a favorite sign of spring. Learn to identify robin songs and calls, analyze migration maps and data, explore the robin life cycle, and discover surprising things about this cheery harbinger of spring. What do robins do in the wintertime? Find out from the observations people reported in January. News updates begin January 29, 2013. Join us!
Photo: Chris Early