Journey North News: Spring 2012
Posted Tuesdays:  Jan. 31, Feb. 14, 28, Mar 6, 13, 20, 27, Apr. 3, 10, 17, 24, May 1, 8
Robin nestling on the verge of fledging

FINAL Robin Migration Update: May 8, 2012
From Florida to Alaska and California to Canada, robins are home. Now comes the serious business of making new little robins. Fledglings leave the nest with much to learn! Our new slideshow takes you to summer school for robins. What else will you learn by watching summer robins?
Photo: Vickie King


Fecal sac and baby robins in nest Robin Migration Update: May 1, 2012
Robins have been seen or heard in ALL of our Northern Observation Posts! In other places, robins are incubating the first of two to four broods. This week we explore baby robins' life in the nest. The white object in this photo is a key to keeping nests clean. What is it?
Photo: Sandra Bedford
Robin with nesting materials in her beak Robin Migration Update: April 24, 2012
Students in Shageluk, Alaska welcomed the first robins to reach the end of the migration trail! Our new photo gallery introduces the nesting cycle, this week's topic to explore. Who's doing all the work? Sort the chores of robin makes and females, then decide which you'd rather be.
Photo: Wayne Kryduba
American robin with a beakful of insects to eat. Robin Migration Update: April 17, 2012
While we're waiting for some robins to reach the end of the migration trail, the breeding cycle is underway in places where robins are on territory. What general routes do robins follow as they make their journeys north? As Earth Day nears, solve a food chain mystery and uncover Rachel Carson's important discovery.
Photo: Randy Indish
Three baby robins and one egg in a nest

Robin Migration Update: April 10, 2012
Migration news and sightings have shifted northward as robins near the finish line. This week's reports of singing robins were all from Canada, where robins are still arriving. See Answers from the Robin Expert, and find out where to get help for robins in trouble as nesting season begins.
Photo: Sandra Bedford

Robin with a beak full of nesting materials Robin Migration Update: April 3, 2012
Robins are arriving and even singing at higher latitudes in Canada and Alaska. Three states have reported nesting! Robins instinctively know how to build perfect nurseries. But how will this robin decide where to build the nest? Become a robin and build a nest with this week's plans!
Photo: Wayne Kryduba
Male robin Robin Migration Update: March 27, 2012
What changes we've seen during the month of March! A robin chorus now sings across the United States and from New Brunswick to Nova Scotioa in Canada. The rush for real estate is on: Find out if your neighborhood has what a robin seeks in a topnotch territory.
Male robin, singing Robin Migration Update: March 20, 2012
Spring starts today! Robins were on the move last week with record high temperatures in many places. More than one-third of the week's "first" sighitng reports came from Canada, and our song map reports also spread north. This week's Read-with-Me slideshow celebrates what robins do in spring. Join us!
earthworm Robin Migration Update: March 13, 2012
Robins are returning, and citizen scientists are reporting another sign of spring: earthworms. They migrate only a few feet, but the timing of their emergence makes earthworms the unsung heroes of robin migration. This week's slideshow explores the robin-and-worm-connection as the transition from winter to spring continues.
Photo: Geri DeBoer
Male robin

Robin Migration Update: March 6, 2012
March came in like a lion; what helped this male robin survive? Storms kept robins from a big push northward, but our maps show an increase in robin abundance. Change is in the air! This week's photos, reports, and slideshow explore h
ow citizen scientists can contribute to scientific research and discovery. Keep observing, keep reporting!
Photo: Jack Moskovita

American robin is calling Robin Migration Update: February 28, 2012
Late winter storm systems slowed migration this week, but spring is near. March is peak migration month: It's time to print out your spring robin observation checklist and get questions ready for Ask the Expert. This week's photos invite you to observe and wonder!

Photo: Tom Ernst
Robins flock to a birdbath in winter. Robin Migration Update: February 14, 2012
Sightings of large waves of robins during the past two weeks outnumbered other types of robin sightings. Many said the birds were thirsty. Where are robins finding water, and what are two reasons robins need water? Our maps, photo studies and citizen scientists' observations help tell the story.

Photo: Robyn Greene
Robins eat berries in the winter. Robin Migration Update: January 31, 2012
Welcome to Journey North's 19th season! Join citizen scientists across North America as we track the robin's spring migration. Learn how to watch for robins and how to listen for their first song. What do robins do in the wintertime? What do they eat? The observations people reported in January help tell the fascinating story.
robin Welcome and Orientation: The return of the robins is a favorite sign of spring. Learn to identify robin songs and calls, analyze migration maps and data, explore the robin life cycle, and discover all kinds of surprising things about this cheery, backyard harbinger of spring. What do robins do in the wintertime? Find out from the observations people reported in January. News updates begin January 3, 2012. Join us!
Photo: Chris Early