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American Robin in snow
Peter Raspberry
Spring 2015: Tuesdays: February 3 — May 5
Returning robins are a welcome sign of spring. Discover what to watch for—wintering robins, first robins, 'waves' of robins, first earthworms, and nesting behavior.
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Male American Robin
James Howard
Robin Migration Update: March 24, 2015
The week didn't bring a big push north and the robin chorus has barely begun, but spring arrived with more first-robin sightings and songs!
American Robin
Lisa Walker
Robin Migration Update: March 17, 2015
Reports of robins soared as warmer weather brought their first surge northward. How's that for a welcome sign of spring?

American Robin eating at suet feederWarren Bielenberg

Robin Migration Update: March 10, 2015
Change is in the air! Where are robins finding food as winter ends and spring begins?


American Robin
Wade Snyder
Robin Migration Update: March 3, 2015
March is peak migration month. Know what to watch for with our robin observation checklist!
American Robin with berry in its mouth
Laura Erickson
Robin Migration Update: February 24, 2015
Winter still rules. The deep cold drives hungry robins flocking to trees, shrubs, and vines where they fuel for flight and warmth on winter berries.

American robins with feathers fluffed for warmth
Gerard Prouix

Robin Migration Update: February 17, 2015
Robins have hunkered down in the wintry blasts of the past week. Reports of sightings fell to just 126! How are robins coping with the cold and snow?

Wido Hoville

Robin Migration Update: February 10, 2015
Journey North's citizen scientists reported winter robins in 46 states and six provinces. What are the robins eating? Observers report surprises!

American Robin in Wintertime
Anne Cook

Seeing Robins? Let Us Know! February 3, 2015
Are you seeing robins where you live? Put your sightings on our map as citizen scientists show where robins are present on their winter range. Journey North's 22nd season is about to begin!

American Robin singing
Dorothy Edgington
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