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How many e-mail messages will I receive?

From February until June, Journey North News reports are posted daily. (See this sample Calendar of Journey North News Reports.)


  • YES: Receive E-mail from Journey North (70% of our participants do!)
    Journey North e-mail updates serve to notify you when new information has been posted to the web. This is why most participants chose to receive them.

    You can always delete messages that aren't related to the Journey North projects you're following. We make this simple because the Subject Lines of all e-mail messages tell you what the report contains. You can easily read subject lines and decide which to read and which to delete.

  • NO: Do NOT Receive E-mail from Journey North
    If you have easy access to the Web and get overwhelmed by e-mail, you may prefer not to have reports sent to your e-mail address. You can find links to new information on the "Today's News" page.

NOTE: You can change your registration at any point if you change your mind!